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Clutch issues are a common occurrence for drivers in the UK. What’s important is to have them repaired by experts so that your car works properly. Over the years, SP Tyres has earned its reputation from quality service of Clutch Repair Shrewsbury for every car make.

We are an authorised, full-service garage located near you. We specialise in offering reliable clutch repair and replacement services at competitive prices. To know more about us, get in touch with our customer care representatives today.


In simple words, the clutch is the mechanical device that transfers the mechanical power from the engine to the wheels. In a vehicle with a manual transmission, the clutch controls the connection which exists between the shafts coming from the engine and which turns the wheels. Clutch is an important aspect of the vehicle's working machinery. Hence, it becomes vital to invest in clutch repair and maintenance from time to time. To book your clutch repair Shrewsbury from experts contact SP Tyres.

There are some signs of a broken clutch which must be noted to ensure they get the timely repair they need. These signs include a spongy clutch. This is when the clutch pedal starts to feel spongy while being pressed with the foot. Other signs include difficulty in changing gears, burning smell from the car, and visible damage to the car clutch. To get comprehensive clutch repair in your budget, talk to our mechanics.

Our servicemen are knowledgable. They will communicate the issue with your clutch and the best way to fix it. Upon receiving your approval for the suggestion, we will proceed with the service. At every stage of the work, we will share the details with you openly. We will ensure that you are aware of the clutch-fixes and pricing. Contact our technicians today to experience expert clutch-care in your area.

Genuine Clutch Repair

SP Tyres is a pro in handling clutch problems of all kinds; be it for any vehicle. Our servicemen know the best fixes for even complicated clutch problems. Feel free to talk to us to know more about your car clutch and to have your doubts cleared.

Our clutch service quotes are exclusive for every customer. We charge only standard, fixed-price for our services. We help you save on the clutch repair of your choice. Our staff will help you with a custom quote so that you only pay for what you see.

You can book your custom service and get the best estimates from our team, no matter how you book. We accept clutch service bookings online, on the phone and via the email. Write to us describing the issue about your clutch or if you are looking for complete car service. Our trained mechanics will be up for your assistance in no time.

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