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Continental Tyres

Continental is a German juggernaut with a strong presence in nearly every sector of automotive engineering. From powertrains to chassis components and tyres to tachographs, Continental has played a significant role in the development of a modern car and automotive technology. Continental Tyres are one of the world’s largest passenger car and specialised tyre manufacturers.

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Why are Continental tyres so famous?

Germany has long been regarded as being a technological behemoth. Perhaps one of its greatest exports is Continental, with its bestselling products dominating global markets. Here are some reasons behind Continental’s prolonged and enduring popularity:

Extensive testing: A wide-ranging and multifaceted testing phase prefaces each Continental model that is launched.

Continental car tyres are tested in multiple climatic conditions, including freezing winters and scorching summers, to produce engineering masterpieces. Continental’s products run a combined total of more than 200 million km every year just in testing.

Widespread use as OEM: Many world-leading automotive manufacturers use Continental tyres. From Mercedes Benz to Renault and Honda, most of the global icons use Continental tyres as standard fitments.

Independent certification: Major mainstream automotive magazines regularly rank Continental tyres as being one of the best available models. In the UK, Continental has gained widespread currency as being extremely reliable, long-lasting, and robust. Independent attestation of their products has led to better sales at SP Tyres.

Global presence: What began primarily as a European concern now has major manufacturing hubs in many countries. Continental lacks supply chain problems because they have a robust global delivery system already in place, which makes Continental car tyres in Shrewsbury easily available.

R&D excellence: The company does not compromise on researching for more path-breaking discoveries. It was among the world’s first companies to launch models aimed primarily at electric vehicles or EVs. It has also worked with GM to focus on wheels for Chevrolet’s Bolt, a ground-breaking EV.

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