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Just like the tyres of a car, wheels also ensure proper contact of the vehicle with the road. It is the proper alignment of all four wheels with each other and the ground that makes the commute hassle-free. At SP Tyres, we understand how important is the proper wheel alignment for your car. Therefore, we provide exceptional alignment services with our 3D alignment Shrewsbury machines.

What is wheel alignment?

It is essential for a car to make proper contact with the road. If somehow a car fails to maintain it, problems like uneven tyre wearing, suspensions failures, handling issues start to root-up. To avoid such unwanted situations, motorists are suggested to get their wheels aligned regularly. Wheel alignment refers to the process of aligning the wheels in a particular angle to the vehicle and the wheels themselves. The various angles are set according to the individual driving requirements. Generally, the wheels are made perpendicular to each other.


In case, you are not aware of the issues that occur with crooked wheels, allow us to assist you:

Non-Uniform Wears

Tyre wearing is a natural phenomenon that can’t be prevented. But the rate of tyre wearing depends on various factors as well. Under normal conditions, tyres should wear out uniformly. Further, uniform wear helps a tyre to preserve its life for long. Whereas, non-uniform tyre wearing reduces the life of a tyre by forming bald patches. These bald patches are prone to puncture damages on the road. The main cause of the development of non-uniform wears is the misalignment of wheels. Therefore, we provide expert wheel alignment services.

Reduction in the performance

Every component of a vehicle should be in sync with each other to perform in a regular manner. If anyone of them starts to lag behind, the overall effect is experienced by the car. Similarly, wheel alignment contributes to various performance factors as well. Misaligned wheels cause the vehicle to be pulled to one side of the way. It becomes challenging to control a car with crooked wheels. It also reduces its capability of turning and cornering.

Drop in the fuel efficiency

The engine makes use of fuel to deliver adequate power to the wheels to overcome the frictional force offered by the road. Misaligned wheels increase the friction, and hence more fuel is being burnt in the engine. As a result, a motorist experiences a considerable drop-in the fuel economy of the vehicle.

To help your vehicle gets back in good shape, drive it straight to us if you face any one of the mentioned issues. You can also contact us, at SP Tyres, to know more about the 3D alignment Shrewsbury. Our experts make use of the latest 3D analysis machine to deliver the most accurate wheel alignment services.

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