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Tyres are one of the key aspects of a car, responsible for providing mobility to the vehicle. Not only are they the only point of contact between the car and the road surface, but are also capable of carrying the weight of the car. However, a tyre is judged by its performance capabilities. The ability to grip the road and provide the driver with the complete control of the vehicle is an important aspect as well. Different cars need to be mounted with different tyres, depending upon the load, usage and speed it endures.

Our professionals, at SP Tyres, can help you get the best set of tyres for your car. You are sure to achieve your car’s unattained performance capabilities with the collection of tyres they help you decide.

Part-Worn Tyres

Some owners tend to change their tyres before they wear-out and ensure better safety by mounting a new set. The old tyres might not be useless and could have a few thousand miles before they can be deemed dangerous. These tyres are made available at garages for customers who do not wish to buy a new set.

They are also bought by people whose car tyres have suffered from uneven wearing and need only a single tyre change. They switch their weak tyres to a part-worn tyre and use it until it’s time to buy a new set. These tyres can grip the road and better control than badly worn or bald tyres.

Part-worn tyres Shrewsbury are the best inexpensive solutions for owners with a tight budget. You can get excellent tyres from some of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world at a low price. Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and Pirelli might be expensive to buy as new tyres, but not as part-worn tyres Shrewsbury. You can get them for better prices at our garage, SP Tyres.

Why Us?

SP Tyres is a customer-orientated garage that aims to cater nothing but excellence to its customers.

We have an excellent team of professionals who have been extensively trained. We not only train them to improve the work quality of our garage but also to help them become better technicians. We provide them with any training that would help them learn more skills and improve their skill-set.

We have a wide range of products available at our garage. We make sure to get the best products for our customers as replacement parts. We do so to make sure to avoid compromising the safety of our customers and their family and friends.

We have installed the latest pieces of technology in our garage as well. This tech helps us increase the work quality of our garage even more. Thus, delivering more accurate and efficient results.

With this trinity of excellence, we guarantee better services than any other garage in Shrewsbury.

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