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Dunlop Tyres

The name John Boyd Dunlop became a part of automotive folklore the day he set up a small rubber factory in Birmingham. Dunlop is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tyres and is a British icon to boot. Their phenomenal popularity in cities like Shrewsbury is nothing new. Dunlop has always represented British automotive excellence ever since.

If you are looking to buy Dunlop car tyresin Shrewsbury, you can get them at our facility, SP Tyres. Dunlop sells its various models across the world and has a significant toehold in most major economies, thanks to its quality products.

We are one of the most recognised retailers of Dunlop’s products. Our facility boasts one of the largest inventories of Dunlop tyres in the UK.

What makes Dunlop tyres so famous?

Dunlop has long become something more than a mere tyre manufacturer; it is an icon. There are many reasons why Dunlop car tyres in Shrewsbury are so popular. Here are the most crucial ones:

Proven track record: Dunlop has had a great run since 1889. It has witnessed the ups and downs of the global automotive segment and has managed to retain its significance. There are very few brands which can garner such brand value.

Available as standard OEM worldwide: From Mercedes to Toyota, most of the world’s automotive superpowers use Dunlop’s models as Original Equipment Manufacturers. All segments - SUVs, MUVs, trucks, and lighter vehicles - use their tyres.

Industrial major: Dunlop is one of those rare brands which have as much share in the industrial sector as it does in passenger vehicles segments. It’s MPT Radial, and EM Radial tyre models are used for tractors worldwide. Of late, their SP PG7 MPT radials for industrial applications have created a flutter by boasting a ‘self-cleaning’ technology.

Proprietary technologies like MFS: Dunlop has, over many years, created a corpus which it uses for R&D. That has led to many innovations, including MFS or Maximum Flange Shield. It is an extra layer of protection for tyres and wheel rims. You can buy superior-quality Dunlop tyres online from our facility.

Assured low sound output: Dunlop car tyres were among the first to adhere to the EU Tyre Label, which gives points to various radials on sound emission, wet grip, and low rolling resistance. Some of the latest Dunlop models that we stock deliver up to 50% lower decibel counts.

Buy Dunlop tyres from us

If you plan on buying a new set of wheels for your car, contact us to buy Dunlop tyres online. We, at SP Tyres in Shrewsbury, are well-known retailers and we offer secure transactions.

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