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Air Conditioning

When it is hot outside, the air conditioner is the only thing that comes to a motorist’s rescue. The air conditioner is responsible for blowing cool and pleasant air inside the passenger's compartment. Additionally, it also assists a motorist to maintain his composure when the temperature shoots to the upper limits. Any air conditioner failure in such situations can result in an unnecessary hassle. Our experts, at SP Tyres, believe that comfort is the essence of excellent driving experience. Hence, we recommend our customers to drive your vehicle to us for better air conditioner Shrewsbury repair and maintenance services.

It is always good to know about the symptoms that are causing the air conditioner to fail.

Therefore, to help you with some of these signs, we would like to offer the following issues:

Coolant Leaks

The main reason for hot air to be blown back into the compartment, even if the air conditioner is on, is the leaking coolants. Coolants in an AC helps the transfer of heat from the passenger’s compartment to the outside environment. It is often seen that the coolants leak out of the system due to housing and linkage leaks. An oily substance can be seen covering the leaking links. If you spot such oily layers, make sure to drive to us for necessary professional assistance.

Condenser blockage and damage

The condenser of an AC ensures the proper coolant cycle. In case the condenser fails, coolant is unable to complete the state transition cycle. Further, this affects the complete functioning of the AC. A motorist can visibly check the blockage of the condenser. But if some internal component needs a repair, you will be required to seek professional help.

Faulty fan

AC needs a fan to blow the cool air back into the compartment. If the fans are not working the cool air will be lost in the system itself. It is quite common for the induction coils to burn in the fans due to increased usage. If while switching your AC on the fans don’t start, you must drive your vehicle to us as soon as possible to prevent other damages.

Electrical failure

AC of a car depends on the electricity being produced by the engine or the battery to run. In case the necessary charge doesn’t reach the system, the AC will not work. If you are in a similar predicament, don’t worry we can help you.

To enjoy our outstanding services related to the air conditioning Shrewsbury repair, drive your vehicle to us, at SP Tyres, today. We have gathered the necessary skills over the years to dispatch excellent AC repair services. You can also contact us for additional information. We would be more than happy to help you.

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