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Maxxis Tyres

The tread of a tyre is an essential aspect to consider while providing safety on the road. Negligence towards regular maintenance of tyres is common among motorists. The tread suffers significantly because of this ignorance and wears out much faster than expected.

We, at SP Tyres, give priority to our customers’ safety. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of high-quality Maxxis Tyres. The tyres are promised to impart excellent traction for off-road and on-road contacts. Further, Maxxis Tyres offers up to five years of warranty on its tyres. To put it simply, Maxxis tyres are made to last longer than standard car tyres.

Maxxis In a Brief:

It will not be wrong to fit Maxxis in the proverb “slow and steady always wins the race.” Started as a small bicycle manufacturer, Maxxis has considerably grown into a world-renowned tyre brand. Since its establishment in 1967, Maxxis has reached the heights that only a few tyre manufacturers can ever dream of. Among the top behemoths like Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, and Bridgestone, Maxxis stands ninth in the tyre manufacturing industry.

Maxxis Specialisation:

Maxxis believes in a progressive world. It is the reason that Maxxis invests extensively in advanced research and development of its futuristic tyres. The research work is conducted in its five high-tech facilities. The facilities incorporate cutting edge technology that helps Maxxis with many novel tyre designs. That is not all; the facilities inculcate individualistic ideas of engineers from different countries. The end product is a unified concoction of outstanding tyres.

The tyres manufactured in the facilities have to go through rigorous quality tests. The tests focus on rubber composition, tread and sidewall integrity, and durability of tyres. Personnel employed at Maxxis are fully committed to the company’s value. It is because of the work-power that Maxxis has become a force to be reckon with.

Apart from manufacturing superb car tyres for summer and winter driving conditions, Maxxis specialises in ATV and off-road tyres as well. It has sponsored a large number of rally races to this date. It is the faith in their tread performance that rally racers highly prefer Maxxis over other brands available in the market.

We, at SP Tyres, put our complete trust in the dedication of Maxxis Tyres shown towards the manufacturing of its tyres. Therefore, we stock some of the exceptional models of car tyres from Maxxis tyres Shrewsbury. Our customers are our prime priority. Hence, we make sure that they go home with utmost satisfaction, most importantly, a smile on their faces.

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