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The battery is not only needed to get your engine started, but it also gives power to all the electrical components of your car. It means your vehicle needs healthy batteries to take you places. Or, you would be stuck or stranded somewhere. This need makes it all the more important for you to invest in battery repair and maintenance. If you are looking for reliable battery Repair Service Shrewsbury, Wem, contact us at SP Tyres.

Our team of experts are certified, having years of rich experience in car battery service and repair. No matter what the make and model of your car, we have the solution for you. Our team is equipped with the right tools and equipment to help our customers. We do not believe in wasting your time and money. Therefore, we have designed specific packages to let you enjoy the best service at affordable prices. Get in touch with our customer service representatives to know more.

Car Batteries: Get Your Engine Started

A good car battery is used to keep the engine running. Whereas, a dead battery may leave you stranded. The electrical energy stored in the battery has sufficient juice which supplies power to the starter to kickstart the engine. As soon as the engine starts, the alternator gets activated. The activator provides electricity generated by the movement of a drive belt and two pulleys. The car battery gets power from its voltage regulator. Thus, the battery ensures that your car has enough power to get started. But with time the car batteries are prone to damage. Hence, it is important to have them inspected and serviced as soon as you find signs of damage.

Some of the telltale signs of a bad battery which you must look out for are: an engine which starts slowly, electrical issues like dim lights, the car’s check engine light turns on, the rotten smell from the hood due to battery leakage, and voltage issues. Besides, if you do not use your car for too long, the batteries start to deplete. This is because the battery reuses the energy which is generated while driving. Also, you must avoid taking too many short trips as it will fail to charge the battery adequately and strain the system. If you are curious about how to better care for your battery, visit our garage. We offer quality battery repair within our customer’s budget.

Dependable Battery Service

We have succeeded in working hard to win our customers trust for several years. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction.

At SP Tyres, we strive to take care of all battery issues of your vehicle, be it of any make or model. Our services are designed to fix routine as well as emergency issues in the quickest possible time-frame.

You can approach us for any car battery repair or maintenance requirement. We will dedicate an expert for your vehicle care. You can ask us any questions to clear all your doubts about battery repair Shrewsbury. Our mechanics would love to help you with the answers. If you are looking for friendly, efficient and prompt battery service and car repairs, SP Tyres is the place to be. Give us a call to book your appointment.

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