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Michelin Tyres

The power of the engine of your car is of no use if your car doesn’t have good enough tyres. Tyres are one of the most important aspects of a car. They are responsible for providing the car with mobility, while also ensuring that it is smooth and comfortable. This importance does not get them the care they deserve. Most of the car owners neglect the maintenance requirement of tyres and lose crucial years from the life of their tyres. Our professionals, at SP Tyres, can help you save your tyres from losing it and ensure that they provide optimum performance at all times.

Michelin- Global Leaders of Tyre Manufacturing

Established in 1889, Michelin is one of the leading tyre manufacturers today. Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin founded the company that takes pride in having more than 130 years of experience. These brothers used to run a rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand, where they first thought of the issues related to a glued pneumatic tyre. Improper repairs compromised the efficiency and safety of the vehicle. Their first patent product was the “removable pneumatic tyre.” The research that began then continues even today and is a leader in the development of best-in-class products.

Research and Development

Michelin invests more than £700 million annually for research and development. They are very serious about their product quality and make sure that they deliver nothing but excellence to their customers. The company has a vast network of 7 R&D centres and 69 production sites. The company is also proud of having a sales presence in over 171 countries. The company has already set its foot on every continent and are one of the global leaders of the tyre manufacturing industry.

The year 2017 was a milestone for the company. They had manufactured 190 million tyres at their various production sites. It was calculated to account for 14% of the global tyre market.

They make sure to provide their customers with quality products and never compromise their safety. We, at SP Tyres, have similar beliefs and provide our customers with best in class services and products.


We have a vast collection of the latest tyres manufactured by some of the leading tyre manufacturers of the world. Michelin tyres are some of the most efficient products we have to offer.

We have an excellent team of proficient experts who have been extensively trained. We provide them with any training they might need to increase and enhance their skill-set. This not only helps us deliver efficient services but also the technicians to become experts.

We have eased the workload for our technicians by installing the latest pieces of technology at our garage. These pieces of equipment help us deliver more accurate and efficient results. Thus, increasing the work quality at our garage.

This fusion of proficient experts and efficient pieces of equipment helps us deliver better services than any other garage in Shrewsbury. We offer top-notch services and products to our customers at a genuine price.

Customers are our top-most priority, and your satisfaction is what we aim to achieve through our services.

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