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Tyres Pontesbury

Pontesbury is a beautiful parish village, with greenery sprawled as far as you can see, evidence of lively habitation sprinkled across the landscape and a big green Pontesbury overshadowing the place in the backdrop. A beautiful location to find recluse, it often happens that one finds a stretch of mud that into sludge and swamp when it rains, or snows. This very mud would be a dust cloud if the weather is a bit dry and make it tough for you to walk, drive or breathe.

If that sounds uncomfortable, imagine what your tyres go through. Grass and mud are not ideal surfaces for a car to run on, unlike tarmac that uses materials and texture suited for much better interaction with the tyres and comparatively longer life. Alternating moist and dry conditions also work on them simultaneously. And just like everything, weather plays a part here too, with gradual expansion and contraction taking place which is not easily noticeable.

It is only obvious that it’s not only tough for a tyre to persist in severe conditions like these, but also to find tyres Pontesbury which you can expect to keep up with the challenges. But don’t you worry, SP Tyres is a trusted name that can bring your car’s need to you at exceptional costs. Winter tyres for minimal intrinsic shrinkage, summer tyres to beat the heat, 4X4 tyres for more power and pick-up, budget and all-season tyres for cost-effectiveness, wonder what do we not have in our inventory!

If you notice the side of your tyre, you’ll read a coded message engraved. It talks about the various attributes in a tyre that bring out the best performance in your car. Along with that, it describes the optimal magnitude of each attribute required for maximum output. These attributes are namely width, profile, rim size, speed rating and load index. We know the specifications of these tyres by heart, and what car tyres Pontesbury would be the best-suited one for you. But the best part is, we listen to our customers first, and prioritise what they are looking for. We strive to get you the best fit for your needs and the best service you’ll ever find.

They range of quality on sale is jaw-dropping too! Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear- you name it, we got it! And at such exciting offers for cheap tyres Pontesbury would get a better grip and a wider smile.

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